Where do I register?

Please register on the website.

A few open spots can be booked last minute at the Guided Tours Counter in Hall 17.

The registration fee is 15 €/ person (payment options: paypal, credit cards and – in case of last minute registration on the spot – cash).

Kindly have a deposit of 50 € in cash ready for your receiver and head set. You receive the deposit back after return of the devices at the end of the tour.


Where do the tours start?

Check-in for the tours is on the Hanover Exhibiton Grounds in Hall 17.

It takes about 10 minutes from the entrance North 1 to get to Hall 17.


When do I have to be there?

Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour start at the Guided Tours Counter in Hall 17 on the Hanover exhibiton grounds for your check-in with a printout of your Guided Tours ticket.

Kindly have a deposit of 50 € cash ready at hand for your receiver and headset to avoid queueing.




What happens if I am late?

For quality reasons our tours start on time.

In case you are late, simply come to the check-in counter in hall 17 east. For 50 € deposit you will get your receiver, headset and your tour sheet with the presentation schedule of the tour exhibitors incl. their hall/ booth number.

By means of this tour sheet you can easily find the exhibitor corresponding to your arrival time and join your group there.

What should I bring with me?

For the check-in please have your Guided Tours ticket printed out and a 50 € cash deposit for your receiver and headset ready.

In case you apply for one of the open tour spots at the Guide Tours Counter in hall 17, east, please have your business card, the 15 € tour fee as well as the 50 € deposit for headset and receiver ready to save time for the registration process.

At the end of the tour you receive your deposit back when you return the devices.


Why do you ask me for the authorization to use my data?

The exhibitors who are engaging in the Guided Tours take a great effort to provide you an informative and attractive Guided Tours visiting experience at their booth in order to present you their innovations.

As a Thank You the exhibitor receives the participants‘ contact details to stay in touch, if you agree.

With your authorization for the usage of your data, you also enable the VDA to inform you about the next uncoming events.

How long is the duration of the tour?

Our Guided Tours take between 2 and 2.5 hours covering 5-6 exhibitors.

Tours start at 10.00 a.m. (tours in German) and at 2.00 p.m. (tours in English).

Tours end at approx. 12.15 p.m. time or 4.15 p.m.

What is the procedure of the tour?

First you receive your headset and a receiver at the Guided Tours Counter in hall 17.

With these devices you join the guide who awaits you in front of the hall.

Here you will get a short introduction in the topic of the tour, the exhibitors to be visited and a few practical tips concerning the tour. For quality reasons the tours start on time, in order to meet the assigned exhibitor-presenters at their stands.

What can I expect?

You will participate in a Guided Tour led by a trained Tour Guide who will lead you to 5-6 selected exhibitors.

Each exhibitor will present the latest innovations of their company in approximately 10 minutes + approx. 5 minutes for Q&A.

You will get a receiver and a headset to understand your Tour Guide and the presenters also in loud halls.

If you have more questions or would like to receive more details about a product or solution after the presentation, feel free to return to the exhibitors for more profound information and discussions after the tour.

Can I leave the group during the tour?

In case you have to leave the group before the end of the tour, kindly inform your Tour Guide so he/ she knows that there is one participant less. Make sure to return to the Guided Tours counter in hall17 in order to return the headset and the receiver and to receive your deposit back.

Should you have to leave the group only temporarily (e.g. due to an important call or short meeting), let the Tour Guide know and just join the tour at the next exhibitor. You find the exhibitors incl. their presentation times, hall and booth number on the tour sheet.

What happens if I loose the group?

Should you loose the group, you can normally still hear the Tour Guide via your headset, even if you have no eye contact. You find the presentation times of the tour exhibitors incl. their hall/ booth on your tour sheet.

Simply meet the tour at the corresponding exhibitor hall/ booth.

Who is the Tour Guide?

The regular Guided Tours are led by trained guides.

What is a Custom Tour?

If your delegation, your clients, staff or partners would like to receive a quick overview on a certain topic (e.g. in case of an investment in your company concering sustainability, new machines, new vehicles, maintenance, ….),

we recomment to book a Custom Tour. In a tailor-made tour, your personal guide leads you to the exhibitors of your special field of interest. A Custom Tour begins at your individual starting time exclusively for your group of up to 25 persons. On request we are happy to book a catering for you.

The price for a Custom Tour is 1.990,00 EUR plus VAT.

On request we are happy to arrange a catering for your group.

Kindly check availabilty during Sept 25th – 29th, 2022 with


What is a Theme Tour?

A Theme Tour is a tour from the regular tour portfolio of the three IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022 Guided Tours, with your individual start time for your individual group. (e.g. economic delegations, clients, staff or partners) of up to 25 persons.

The price of a Theme Tour is 990,00 € plus VAT.

On request we are happy to arrange a catering for your group.

Kindly check availabilty during Sept 21st – 23rd, 2022 with